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What Are The Best Things To Do After Fitness?

Before Doing Anything, Take A Real Good Shower. Most Important Is Remember To Wash Your Hair.

After Fitness

1. Drinking More Water.

The reason is that you have been sweating a lot during your work-out. Your body has been getting dehydrated, and you may need to rehydrate to make you feel better. If you don’t like to drink water, you may also try to drink some green tea or juices, but not recommend to drink beers though

2. Consume The Proper Amount Of Proteins If You Can.

Maybe you already heard about this in from your friends or fitness coach in your fitness lifestyle. If you are female, you would need around 25-30gram of proteins. You can get protein from chicken, fish, beef, whole eggs, or egg white and all different kind of vegetables.

3. Eat Whatever Carbs As You Like.

Some people think after they have done their work-out and have already burned out many calories, they tend not to eat anything to keep their shape. Please eat some carbs only, especially during post-work-out. Please do not let yourself starving or do not eat anything at all. Eat some fruits, some sweet potato, or some protein ice cream.

4. Take Your BCAA’s. (Branched-Chain Amino Acids.)

Now you can drink some this in the liquid form, or you also can obtain from certain foods sources. Branched-Chain can be drunk during pre-work-out or after work-out.

5. Doing Some Stretching!

Do it every 10 -15 minutes before you go to bed, and don’t forget to take enough rest and sleep well.

6. Weighing

Instead of check your weight every day, do it once a week is good enough can see your progress. It is because weighing weekly allows you to see your weight progress clearer. Doing every day may spoil your mood if you didn’t get the ideal weight that you are aiming for.

For the most effective results, choose a regular day each week, and the best time to weigh yourself is in the morning.

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