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Flat Belly

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What Are The Foods That Cause BIG Belly?

What are the foods that we should stop eating or eat less to achieve a sexy and perfect flat belly?

Well. Having a flat belly often looks incredible when you walk around on the beach with your bikini or swim at the public swimming pool. 

Having a flat belly also helps to build your self-confidence, and most importantly, it also contributes a lot of health benefits by reducing a certain amount of unwanted fat in your body. Unwanted fat means fats that can be dangerous to your body in the future.

If you are a food lover, it’s going to be a piece of bad news for you. It’s because the number of foods that can cause a big belly for you is enormous. It means it will be in a very long list of foods that should avoid maintaining a flat stomach.

Here are only some of the foods that can build your belly that you don’t want to have or see it in you if you consume too much or too often.

Flat Belly Lifestyle
Flat Belly Lifestyle

1. Salt and Sugar.

Salt or sugar is something that we can’t avoid when it comes to preparing foods that we want it to taste better or adding slightly sweet taste to a cup of hot coffee or tea. Like most foods and nutrients, salt and sugar can be beneficial to our body too.

For example, Salt content sodium chloride, when sodium chloride turns into part of the acids in our digestive system, it certainly will help in some essential functions in our body. Like, absorb nutrients from foods that we consume and contribute to regulates our body’s blood pressure.

However, if we over adding salt into the foods that we consume every day can have terrible circumstances.

It may result in us having high blood pressure, heart disease, and big belly in the long run. It same goes to sugar, overconsumption can lead to diabetes.

2. Alcoholic Beverages.

Flat Belly Lifestyle
Flat Belly Lifestyle

It is no doubt that many adults love to drink alcohol, especially when we have friends or family members that like to drink or whenever we need to attend some party for celebration, events or functions.

Many alcoholic beverages containing a lot of calories from sugar. When we tend to drink too much, but yet we are not drunk, those calories will often send a message to our brain and make us think we are hungry, and we will start to find something to eat again, even we are not starving at that time.

So to say, although we have eaten while drinking, it won last long before we need the need for an unhealthy and fattening snack. Replace alcohol drink with fresh juice or a glass of fancy mocktail.

Flat Belly Lifestyle
Flat Belly Lifestyle

3. Fast Foods.

Fast food is good for us if we are always busy and have not much time to enjoy, especially during office hours. Some love fast foods, not because of quick serving. They love the taste of it. Unfortunately, many fast foods like burgers and French Fries deep-fried in oil.

Most oils will remain in the French Fries and other fried vegetables. Especially for potato, it has a high glycemic index. If we consume too many foods that contain a high glycemic index, the chances of having heart disease or diabetes also high. Instead of having fast food for a quick lunch or dinner.

Maybe changing the menu to a healthy sandwich will help to keep our belly flat at all times.

Flat Belly Lifestyle
Flat Belly Lifestyle

4. Soft Drinks or Energy Drink

For fast foods lover, It is also common for them to drink soft drinks when eating burgers or French Fries. Some people are addicted to soft drinks too.

The amount of sugar contains in most soft drinks can be scary, and it is one of the reasons to blow up our belly.

We may think that low calories soft drinks could be an excellent solution to replace the original soft drink.

Unfortunately, the truth is low calories soft drinks also stimulate our body to grow fatter and slow down our body metabolism. Perhaps, consider drinking more pure water or minerals water to replace soft drinks may be a better idea. Or drink warm lemon water every morning.

Flat Belly Lifestyle
Flat Belly Lifestyle

5. Ice Cream.

Most kids or women love ice cream. Especially in a tropical country and always have hot sun.

Eating Ice cream can be fun and enjoyable. It may help some of us reduce stress.

No stress is good for our body, but overeating ice cream can expand the size of our pants and round up our collection or belly.

There are many other ways to reduce stress. For example, doing yoga, meditation, listen to soft music, or exercise.

The Conclusion.

Perhaps, now you may start to think that to change most foods to low calories or sugar-free foods instead. But wait, there is something more worst in those foods too.

They loaded with chemicals called Polyalcohols. Polyalcohols also found in many sugar-free foods like hard candies, cookies, chewing gums, and even sodas water. Sugar alcohols made to be similar to regular sugar.

However, most of them are hard to digest and automatically will resulting in a fat belly.

It is no doubt that those foods mentioned earlier are delicious, tasty, and could make us feel happy at the moment we are eating them during our daily life.

But the essential key thing is not to over-consume those foods. And in order not to over-consume foods that cause fat belly, we need to have strong discipline and focus more on our dream wanting to have a flat belly instead.

Besides doing more exercise to help maintain an excellent flat belly. We also should consult doctors for better advice for issues related to our health or diet.

Flat Belly Lifestyle
Flat Belly Lifestyle

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